The Way Forward…

A proactive and able leader, Mr. Bassi has been at the forefront in taking up mission critical issues in his constituency and service people by solving their problems. Mr. Bassi plans to contest the Assembly Elections from Amritsar East, with a common minimum agenda of 10 points for his constituency.

  • Ensuring that the sewage system is in place and all required repair works are carried out along with timely maintenance
  • Spreading awareness about cleanliness and deploying resources at hand to maintain healthy living conditions for all people in the constituency
  • Providing clean and consumable water to the people at all times, without any shortages, and at a reasonable price
  • Initiating and possibly complete the construction of a Sports Stadium, which will act as a motivation of youth to take up sports as a profession
  • Laying the foundation stone for a professional education institute in the constituency, this would pave a way for all sections of the society to avail high quality education and progress
  • Construction of a Community Hall to facilitate the population in conducting various events, functions etc
  • Developing the Verka Vallah Jora Phatak Fly-over Bridge
  • Bringing about industrial inclusion in the assembly, with a view to create more and more business opportunities for companies and equally significant employment opportunities for the youth
  • Completing the project for the development of PGI Hospital in the assembly constituency, which shall provide end-to-end medical facilities to people
  • Ensuring that pensions applicable for aged, widowed and handicapped people are delivered to them on time

Mr. Bassi is backed by the support of the people of the constituency for his efforts to make the place better to live in.