A ‘Congressi’ at heart and soul, Mr. Bassi’s ideologies match those of his party. Equality towards all sections of the society, facilitating the right to grow and prosper is the key concept on which Mr. Bassi has based his political thinking. His work demonstrates his attitude of inclusive development for all, rendering every child, every adult with a right to have their say in a democratic system.

General Vision…

Here are some key points in Mr. Bassi’s vision for the masses:

  • Serving the people of all religions, castes, races and income groups with complete devotion and determination towards their welfare
  • Staying loyal to the Congress Party, adhering to the Code of Conduct, promoting the party’s agenda and contributing towards constant positive changes to the political system
  • Promoting education for all and working towards increasing the literacy rate in the country, as it is proven to be the only solution to overcome poverty and raise standard of living
  • Focusing on an end-to-end development agenda and reflecting the same through timely programs / initiatives that benefit the masses
  • Special impetus on women empowerment, in line with the party’s ideologies, to wipe out the inequalities between a ‘man’ and a ‘woman’

Vision for Punjab…

Here are some key points in Mr. Bassi’s vision for the State of Punjab:

  • Developing Punjab a drug-free state through continuous efforts in creating awareness among people, young and old, while also implementing robust law enforcement measures to crackdown on anti-social elements who trade in narcotic material
  • Striving for the growth of Punjab in terms of industrial development in various regions of the state, by attracting more and more companies to set up their plants, factories and offices in the state, eventually creating employment
  • Working in coordination with the farmers of the state, assisting them in the implementation of newer agriculture techniques to increase farm produce and taking Punjab to the leadership position among all Indian states, with respect to the year of year farm yield
  • Promoting the interests of sportsmen through various scholarships, provision of world class facilities, coaches, mentors and much more; using sports as a medium to channel the minds of youth

Vision for India…

Here are some key points in Mr. Bassi’s vision for India:

  • Building a corruption free India that goes by the promise of a democracy, standing by the truth at all times and raising a voice against unjust practices
  • Providing the young people of this country with self-development opportunities that lead to their progress and eventually the establishment of a stronger India
  • Participating in several drives to reduce and gradually end the unemployment situation in the country, with a belief in the saying ‘Work for All’
  • Empowering rural areas with modern day facilities, which have not reached them in all these years, in order to make a literate, self-sufficient and sustainable society