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Dinesh Bassi – Drug Menace in Punjab

Drug Menace in Punjab

There was a time when Punjab was called the most prosperous state in Asia with an abundance of resources. There was a time when people would talk about Punjab’s contribution to the nation’s GDP and how a state that has depended entirely on agriculture was once the richest state in India. But that “sone di chirhi” is headed towards a slow and brutal death. Statistics depicting Punjab’s drugs problems have now replaced the facts that would once talk about Punjab being the “granary of India” or “India’s bread basket”. Punjab’s youth has become synonymous with drug abuse. What a shame is that the birthplace of martyrs like Shaheed Bhagat Singh is today filled with people who are willingly injecting poison into their veins. And to make things even worse, there is no interest or support whatsoever from the ruling party to bottle the ghost of drug abuse.

The number of addicts in Punjab is four times more than the global average. In Punjab, we have more than 1.5 lakh people who are dependent on heroin and a close to 70 percent of village dwellers that are addicted to opium, cocaine etc. who collectively spend a daily average of RS. 20 crores on drugs. It is not fair to blame this menace on the geographical location of the state because I believe a strong government can easily keep cross border things under a check. And this is exactly what Punjab has been missing for a long time-a strong willed government that is ready to address this problem at its grass roots.

In light of a legitimate concern for Punjab’s kin, the people in power must realise that it is high time to intervene and back it with a firm political will. Our party plans to concentrate on the socio-economic variables and their effects on the rising perils of drug abuse and trade. Concrete steps will be taken to counter the effects of the drug epidemic and help will be given to those who were or currently are caught in the dark web of drug abuse. Police will be aptly trained and provided with all the resources at our disposal to tackle the menace of easily available drugs. Border management will be revamped altogether to cut the supply. We plan to open rehabilitation centres and establish welfare groups in the villages and towns that have witnessed a rise in the number of cases of the drug epidemic in the recent times. Unlike our opponents we openly acknowledge the rising drug menace in our backyards and we will leave no stone unturned to combat the demon called drug addiction.

Drug dependence is a mere reflection of bigger societal issues that have been prevailing in our beloved state of Punjab due to negligence and lack of interest in the state by the ruling party and the government at the centre. I am entirely hopeful that with a conglomerate of experts and trained individuals, steered by a strong political will, we can fix issues like drug addiction within a couple of years.

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