A Brief…

Born in the year of 1977, Dinesh Bassi is the son of Lt. Sh. Madan Lal Bassi and Smt.Vinod Bassi. A Graduate and an alumnus of DAV College, Amritsar, he has seen the politics in and around Amritsar since his childhood. A young and dynamic personality, Dinesh is an emerging leader from Amritsar, with a crystal clear vision for its development.

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Beliefs and Ideology…

A belief in the principles of honesty, hard work, strong determination and committed efforts, is at the core of his thought process. With the baton of clean and developmental politics in his hand, he is a practical politician of the modern day who seeks solutions as against the problems known. Dinesh has been involved in various public welfare activities along his career thus far, and has portrayed an example of social empowerment through various drives and programs.

Career Chronicle…

His political mentor Jugal Kishor Sharma, ex-MLA from North Amritsar, has instigated values and ethics in Dinesh, along with the philosophies of the Indian National Congress. A member of INC, Dinesh Bassi has held various small and large administrative positions within the party and has always promoted the policies, beliefs and works of the party. Earlier in his career, he was the Ward President of Youth Congress, and was promoted to be the General Secretary of Youth Congress.
As Vice President of the District Congress Committee, he was then the first elected President of the Amritsar Youth Congress, prior to which, candidates were selected by the party’s senior leaders. He won these elections by 7 votes and commenced extensive developmental work in his new post. Helping people, listening out to them, understanding their problems and solving them through all means at hand, are the areas that Dinesh focuses on since the beginning of his political career.

Presently the Secretary of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee, Dinesh Bassi is inspired by the ideologies of Rahul Gandhi and is zealous of working with this young leader to create a growth-oriented India. An avid reader of news, current affairs, editorials and dialogues, Dinesh likes to stay constantly updated with the happenings in the local, state, national and international arenas.

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